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Making magic with these beautiful Rainbow Mystic Quartz crystals💖🌈✨
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The return was as he expected. The boys whistling while the girls hounded him about who she was. That question made him pause, if only because no one here knew what Teddy’s Orientation was, And as long as Greg and Kessler continued to work here, they never would.

"So did you get her number?"

"Was she hot?"

"What did she look like?"

"Come on, man, details."

TEddy shrugged off their hands, making his way through the sea of bodies to check back in. “Guys, I missed her. Her… brother answered the door.” There were a chorus of groans when he pushed the bag back onto the shelf before checking the other deliveries.

"It’s a good thing I didn’t go then." Greg grinned. "I would have stayed there until she decided to show her pretty little face." Teddy only listened to them with half an ear as he readied his next run. Once he was in the car though, he took the number from his pocket, entered it into his phone.

[text] So do you always ask for cute delivery boys or is it just me?

That he got a text from a strange number practically right away almost startled him into forgetting why—he had gotten distracted stuffing a piece of pizza in his mouth while checking his guild’s progress. The standard ringtone, a synthesized doorbell, drew his eyes, and the message made a smile spread on his face. Somebody didn’t wait around. As he saved the number for later (simply titled Pizza Hottie) he finished his slice and then sat back to reply.

[text] I swear it was a first. 

He was driving when the text came through, and suddenly the 15 minute run felt like forever. After he delivered it, cashed the tip and slipped the money into the clip, he picked up his phone again.

[text] Well then I forbid you to do it again. It’s a terrible habit. It will take months to break if you don’t nip it in the bud.

It wasn’t unusual for Billy to lock himself away in his bedroom, though he usually waited until after dinner to do it. This time, though, he’d crammed his face with pizza, stolen a couple of canned sodas from the fridge and squirreled himself away in his room, away from the prying eyes of his very nosy little brothers and annoyingly supportive parents.

[text] aren’t we the bossy type?

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I wonder how much mayhem it would cause if I enchanted the words ‘I proved Magneto right’ on the back of Tony’s suit.

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I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions

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I have entirely too many blogs why do i suddenly want to revive my Jaina Solo muse

even though I hated everything to do with the NJO and really need to reread everything after Balance Point

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Viking Age Recipes
More @facebook.com/rocklovefanpage

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young avengers legacies & their namesakes/predecessors

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     [text - Wonder Boy] no murder

     [text - Wonder Boy] But you should probably let Greer or somebody know that they’re invading government agents’ privacy

     [text - Wonder Boy] they got me and Tee outside a club once and Tee almost caved one’s face in


        [ TEXT; FANBOY ]: there will be plenty of murder.
        [ TEXT; FANBOY ]: this is such bullshit what the
                          fuck of all the places to catch
                          us it had to be then and there
        [ TEXT; FANBOY ]: i hate the papz.

     [text - Wonder Boy] Ok, I guess if you need help disappearing a body I know a handy pocket dimension

     [text - Wonder Boy] same man. Thought you’d appreciate knowing.

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callmewiccan: "I only have myself
to blame."





"Billy…." Teddy started to move but then stopped when the pain increased. It wasn’t bad, he knew he was healing but that didn’t stop it from hurting like hell. At least the bullet had gone through and through.

"None of this was your fault. You couldn’t have known this would happen, ok? And I’d rather it be me than you."

"It also helps that you look adorable when you’re ordering." Teddy countered, pressing a kiss to Billy’s hair, regardless of the people around them. The city of New York knew that Hulkling and Wiccan were dating. He was just happy that they weren’t popular enough to create a crowd.

"How about we stop on the way home and get root Beer floats too?" It had been a long while since they had them.

Billy snickered softly. “Oh, shut it. We’ll get the food and then head home.” The mutant shivered a little at the kiss on his ear, giving Teddy a little shove.

"As long as we can get them to go." He looked up, a small furrow between his eyes even though he was feeling a lot better about all this. "I want you to rest."

"Scout’s honor." Teddy’s hand raised at the vow, even as his lips twitched. They weren’t out of the woods yet. The tension may be gone for the moment but if Teddy knew Billy as well as he claimed he did, the blonde knew the battle was far from over. But things, this moment was good. And right now that was all Teddy could ask for.

"Though we might have to be be careful." He lowered his head, his lips right by Billy’s ear. "If my fiancee finds out that we had root beer floats without him, I’ll be in serious trouble."

"Good." Billy slid his arm around Teddy’s waist, hugging him lightly. "I don’t want to have to tie you down, but I will if you make me." He chuckled, his body shuddering a little at the breath near his ear. "Although maybe you’d like that."

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Oh shit—

     [text - Wonder Boy] Dude turn on Extra

     [text - Wonder Boy] I’m pretty sure that’s an invasion of Berto’s privacy they’re showing right now


     [ TEXT ]: what the fuck
     [ TEXT ]: am i watching right now
     [ TEXT ]: and who do i kill.

     [text - Wonder Boy] no murder

     [text - Wonder Boy] But you should probably let Greer or somebody know that they’re invading government agents’ privacy

     [text - Wonder Boy] they got me and Tee outside a club once and Tee almost caved one’s face in

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