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It’s a cute little thing though.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that owls are incredibly dangerous predators seen by cultures throughout  the world as ill omens. Especially when they look like toasted marshmallows.

My boss once described them as flying pillows filled with seething hatred.

Further confirming that owls are the avian equivalent of cats.

*frowns at layout* I need a new one


i’m not clever with code like some of my followers.


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Wiccan and Hulkling volunteer their time at a teen LGBTQ support group on the weekends.

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Portraits of Kamala and Billy for remadi and yepimgay!

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callmewiccan: "I only have myself
to blame."





"Billy…." Teddy started to move but then stopped when the pain increased. It wasn’t bad, he knew he was healing but that didn’t stop it from hurting like hell. At least the bullet had gone through and through.

"None of this was your fault. You couldn’t have known this would happen, ok? And I’d rather it be me than you."

Teddy hummed at the thought as he pulled the door to the establishment, shifting so they could both fit through the door. “Only if you promise to nurse me back to health.” He grinned. There were a few gasps and murmurs about their arrival but none like if it had been Hulk and Thor.

It was strange, what came over Billy when he was out in public, in costume. For a brief moment, while confronted with strangers taking cell-phone pictures and murmuring behind hands, he held himself tall and straight, a somewhat proud (though tired-looking) smile on his face as he placed their order at a suddenly freed counter. Billy Kaplan was a timid, self-conscious young man whose brain tended to work against him a lot of the time—Wiccan, however, was an Avenger, and acted as such. Most of the time. At least he comported himself with dignity, even if he was still inwardly worrying about Teddy and wondering if the mop-up was going to go well without them.

His hand never left his fiance’s, in spite of the somewhat knobbly texture of the clawed fingers.

Hulking smiled at one of the people taking pictures, his hands cupping Wiccan’s sides gently as Billy ordered for them. The expression on the cashier’s face had Teddy biting his lip to keep from snickering. Ever since they had been seen coming back from Latveria, and working with the Avengers, the people seemed to have recognized them more. And Teddy wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or something that would become annoying later on.

"Excuse me." A voice from their left pulled Hulking away from his thoughts to a boy who looked about 16 if he had to guess. "Hi. I won’t take up a lot of your time but I just wanted to thank you. To Thank both of you." He smiled, looking much like Billy had (and in some ways still did.) Bright eyes, kinda lanky, a face that most people wouldn’t look twice at. But Teddy couldn’t help but smile at him.

"What for?"

"Well, it’s.." The boy huffed out a laugh, his ears darkening. "It’s kinda silly, but seeing you both together, actively together.…  It’s not something that you see, especially among the hero community. I mean, yeah you have Northstar and Shatterstar and Rictor, but seeing the two of you, how you manage to always be together. It’s really inspiring you know?” Teddy couldn’t help but be touched, and he looked down to Billy. Well, well… Wasn’t this an interesting turn of events?

A few of the patrons were looking expectantly at them after the boy’s statement. Billy’s face colored a little, but otherwise he managed to keep his composure. “Well thank you, pal,” he said in a warm voice, reaching out to offer the kid a handshake. “If I’m honest, if it weren’t for this guy, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he said with a chuckle, elbowing Hulkling in the side gently. “Just keep your chin up, okay? Doesn’t matter what anybody says. What matters is in here.” His hand spread over his chest, just under the tattered edge of his cloak. “Be true to what’s in here and nobody can defeat you.”

Even he wasn’t sure where all that came from, but he smiled, looking up at Teddy.

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man i remember my billy/loki ship from ages ago

it was mostly billy explaining things to loki and loki giving billy hell for not eating bacon

good times

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I need to stop listening to Some Nights on repeat again because it’s Billy’s theme song and it describes his family and i just can’t ok
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you were my  S U N 
                my   M O O N  &  S T A R S  

                            but the moment i looked at you, 
                                            i started to shake my head and laugh. 

             how foolish am i, to not realize 
             that all this time, you were  my 
                                    U N I V E R S E.

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ok guys i need links for the gillen/mckelvie run of YA, I have a few issues in scans but I need the rest so I can make icons

also if somebody has billy in avx that would be awesome too because i need sorcerer supreme billy like air

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[text] how about mikes cafe? It should be a happy medium between us.

He finished his chores and clocked out. Counting his tips, he grinned, said goodnight and hopped into his car. God he was glad that he had an extra shirt in his car.

[text] on my way now.

[text] Sounds great.

Of course, that was the easy part. Now he had to figure out how to explain to his parents that he was heading out for a spontaneous date at ten o’clock at night. He hurried to change shirts—the one he had been wearing had a large pizza-grease stain on the front now—and give his hair a quick fix in the mirror before heading downstairs. He found his mother in the laundry room frowning over a pile consisting of Matt’s hockey gear and Jake’s soccer uniforms. If anyone would understand, it’d be her—and after a bit of hasty explaining (in which he deliberately left who he was meeting vague) Billy was surprised at the enthusiastic reaction he got from her. His mother practically shoved him out the door, stuffing his keys and a couple of bills in his pocket because by God, her boy finally had a date after being a nerdy shut-in for years.

Once he was on the sidewalk heading to the bus stop, he peered down at his phone again.

[text] Same here. See you in fifteen.

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Almost being the key word, I think. Thanks for the assist.

Swear to God, I think the Wrecking Crew has made me their pet rivals ever since I zapped the shit out of them in Oklahoma.


      Oklahoma…? The fuck were
      you doing in Oklahoma?

Cleaning up the mess the Sentry made of Asgard. Teddy and I caught ‘em looting the royal chamber and I may have overreacted by a few thousand volts…

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Got it—

Jeez, I think I’m getting rusty.


     Y’think? That guy almost nailed you.

Almost being the key word, I think. Thanks for the assist.

Swear to God, I think the Wrecking Crew has made me their pet rivals ever since I zapped the shit out of them in Oklahoma.

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